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Terms & Conditions

Updated on February 2019.


  1. All service will be provided under an agreement as per the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia civil code No. 1731.
  2. The content of this Website is for your general information and use only and Wala ICT Consultancy reserve the right to make changes to these Terms & Conditions at any time. It is subject to change without notice.



  1. Website completion will take (2) Two weeks to complete after the signing of the agreement and/ or the Clients submission of contents which should be on the Website. However, sometimes depending on your package, it may take more or lesser. Kindly, mention your package properly while contacting us.
  2. Website content should be provided from the Client side including Logo, Text, Images, and other Information. If you want to get your Logo to be designed and/ or Graphic Design service please contact us.
  3. Clients must provide everything that is requested from Wala ICT Consultancy (i.e. Logo, Text, Images, and other Information) within 1 (One) week that should be in the Website.
  4. A signature line will be embedded in the bottom of your Website. If you wish to remove it, it will cost you 100% of your Website cost.
  5. Unless otherwise specified, the Client always takes care of their Website contents like email and database backup. Wala ICT Consultancy is not responsible for any dispute for this.
  6. All Websites are developed to work primarily across all major browsers and platforms including other devices such as Mobile Phones and Touchpads. However, Wala ICT Consultancy cannot guarantee complete and/or long term compatibility across every major browser, platform or handheld device due to Updates or Upgrades by their respective vendors.
  7. Wala ICT Consultancy cannot guarantee compatibility in old or redundant browser software.
  8. Starting from the time the Website launching date if there exists any kind of technical issue for (1) One Year Wala ICT Consultancy shall take responsibility and provide Website maintenance service free of charge for Clients whom we don’t provide a Web Hosting Service.
  9. Wala ICT Consultancy shall not sublet or develop the special Website design done for our Clients to any individual or company.
  10. Wala ICT Consultancy has also a responsibility to give training for 2 (Two) persons of your company or individuals on How to Manage Your Website.
  11. Website price does not include Domain Name registration or Hosting fees unless otherwise specified.

Photographs & Graphics Images.

  1. Unless otherwise specified, Clients shall supply all Graphic Images to be published in accordance with the specified products and/ or services.
  2. Photographs and Graphic Images supplied by the Client must be of high digital quality and applicable format.


  1. The Client has to ensure they have the Copyright for all material supplied.
  2. Wala ICT Consultancy, employees, independent contractors, affiliates, agents, agencies or any associates involved in a Client’s products and/ or services, will not be liable or held responsible for any Copyright disputes.
  3. If and when Wala ICT Consultancy informed that material was provided without the required Copyright, illegal content will be removed immediately and the Client will be billed with the cost thereof.
  4. Wala ICT Consultancy does not take any responsibility for any and all content supplied from the Client without proper Copyright whatsoever.

SEO (Search Engine Optimazation)

  1. Wala ICT Consultancy cannot guarantee search positions or rankings of Websites but include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the form of Meta tags and descriptions, structure and basic content recommendations.
  2. Wala ICT Consultancy can assist with the Client’s SEO if and when required and will issue the Client a Quotation accordingly.

Domain Name and Web Hosting

  1. Whatever the Domain Name and Hosting price displayed on our Website these do not always remain the same. Wala ICT Consultancy reserve the rights to upgrade or downgrade the prices for Hosting and Domain.
  2. Prohibited are sites that promote any illegal activity or present content that may be damaging to our servers, or any other server on the Internet. Links to such materials are also prohibited. Examples of unacceptable content or links:
    • Hacker programs or archives
    • Pirated software
    • Warez sites
    • File Storage
    NOTICE: If your account is found to contain illegal activity, illegal files, pirated software, hacker programs, warez programs, Pornographic contents or any other illegal files, your account will be suspended immediately without notice. Failure to remove the offending content will result in your account being terminated. Additionally, we will notify the relevant authorities of your actions.
  1. Hosting fees are payable from the date of Domain registration or transfer to our server.
  2. All domains are renewed on an annual basis, Domain Name Hosting expiry date notice email will be sent to the email address on the account. If Wala ICT Consultancy does not receive for 2 (Two) consecutive calendar weeks irrevocably terminates the linked Website and associated e-mail accounts with the host. The Client’s Domain registration remains for the balance of the yearly Domain fee paid, but no software, design and/or development work associated with the Domain is recoverable by reactivation hereafter.
  3. A reactivation fee, at the appropriate rate at that time, will be billed to the Client.

Hardware Warranties

Wala ICT Consultancy provides the warranties and product support set out in these Terms & Conditions.
Subject to the terms and conditions set out below, Wala ICT Consultancy agrees to repair or replace the Product which is supplied to Client at its own cost, in circumstances where the Product does not perform in accordance with Wala ICT Consultancy specifications during the Standard Warranty period of 12 months
  1. Proof of purchase (invoice or paid Order confirmation) must be provided when requesting service under Warranty.
  2. Wala ICT Consultancy reserves the right to repair the product rather than replacing the product or relevant part with the same or equivalent product or part.
  3. If Wala ICT Consultancy is unable to repair or replace the Product, the customer will be provided with credit for Wala ICT Consultancy store or may be refunded the price of the Product. This credit or refund will be for the amount of the purchase price of the product excluding the associated Delivery Cost.
  4. In the event that a replacement, refund, or store credit is provided, the faulty item will become the property of Wala ICT Consultancy.
  5. Warranty of products purchased from Wala ICT Consultancy does not apply:
  • To consumable parts, such as batteries or protective coatings that are designed to diminish over time, unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship;
  • To cosmetic damage, to boxes, packaging or exterior surfaces (including during transit);
  • To damage caused by use with another product;
  • To damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, liquid contact, fire, earthquake or other external cause;
  • To damage caused by operating the Product outside any guidelines published for use;
  • To damage caused by service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of Wala ICT Consultancy;
  • If any serial number has been removed or defaced from the Product,
  • If the product is stolen or Wala ICT Consultancy reasonably believes that the product is stolen based on information provided by law enforcement authorities.


  1. All quoted costs are valid for a period of 7 days.
  2. Clients, upon signing of this contract, shall pay 50% advance payment and the remaining when the service is completed and the Client confirms expectations are met. If the Clients intend additional service to be done the term of payment shall be based on this article.
  3. Invoices will be provided by Wala ICT Consultancy upon completion of your project that holds Clients TIN number. Invoices are normally sent via email; however, the Client may choose to receive hard copy invoices. Invoices are due upon receipt.


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